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(CNN) Former President Donald Trump has elevated his son Donald Trump Jr. to an unofficial new role inside his orbit as he weighs the idea of a comeback presidential bid in 2024 that would require him to maintain a vice grip on the Republican base for any chance of success.
In the months since Trump left Washington, Trump Jr. -- who never worked in the White House and is undeniably the most conservative member of the Trump family -- has been steadily influencing his father's political instincts.
Aides describe their relationship as notably more affable than Trump's ever was with Kushner, who has taken a break from politics.
Trump Jr.'s impact was on full display earlier this month, when Trump caught himself fuming at a televised interview with Gov.
A person familiar with the episode said Trump was "cursing at the television," and became increasingly frustrated by Hutchinson's rebuttals.
Aides later said it was Trump Jr. who had encouraged his father to weigh in on the matter at CPAC, knowing it would be red meat for the overwhelmingly conservative crowd.
The family member Trump 'talks to most'That Trump Jr. has evolved from a campaign surrogate who never worked inside the White House to one of his father's most reliable political strategists is no accident.
Trump Jr., this person added, is "definitely the family member [Trump] talks to most" in such moments.
"I don't think the President is looking to Jared for advice these days," a person close to Trump said.
Several Trump aides cautioned against the idea that Trump Jr. has replaced Kushner in Trump's orbit, noting that both men have consistently served different functions since Trump entered the political scene.
Among some Trump aides, the younger Trump has also been floated as a potential successor to the throne should his father decline to run for a non-consecutive second term in 2024.
One person familiar with Trump Jr.'s whereabouts described the excursion as his own brief reprieve from politics.

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