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Clinton Township-based Miller's Home Improvements is a company that brings over 30 years of roofing experience to each job that they take on in their area of Michigan. It’s a roofing contractor that admits that during this time, some of the claims that roofing manufacturers make about their product's life expectancy make them raise their eyebrows a little. Those at the company state that when a manufacturer’s roofing products estimated useful life does not match reality, there are often three reasons why. The company felt so strongly that roofing customers should be aware of this fact that they made it the subject of a recent blog post.

The newly-posted blog started by saying that it’s important that roofing work, especially high-dollar roof replacement work, last as long as it’s suggested it would. That’s because it gives the customer time to take care of other important home improvement and repair tasks before they have to start thinking about getting more roofing work done. It was stated in the blog that accurate roofing material life expectancies can also help a home or business owner better plan for putting aside the funds it will take to get their next major roof repair project done. The Miller's Home Improvements blog post then went on to discuss the role unpredictable Michigan weather plays in a roofing material not meeting its life expectancy. It stated that hail, heavy snow, and long periods of intense rain can contribute to early roof material breakdown. Some manufacturers cannot replicate tests that account for this. Also mentioned in the blog is that even manufacturers sometimes admit that their product’s life expectancies are only estimated to be 90%-95% accurate. The new blog article also discussed how faulty installations can be a problem when companies do not install roofing products in a way that factory-certified and trained installers would do it. This newly posted article and many others with useful information can be found under the ‘Blog’ heading on the company website.

The company owner, Eric Miller, says, “It makes us a little bit uncomfortable, to say the least, when we are giving an estimate for a roof repair that a customer had previously invested good money in, only to have it last not nearly as long as they were told it would. We are now dealing with a customer that is somewhat wary of all roofing products. Although circumstances do not always point to it being a roofing product’s fault that it did not meet its expected useful life, it’s one of the reasons why we only carry quality roofing products whose manufacturers can back up what they claim. Many of our roofing products meet specifications that enable them to do such things as handle the sometimes-harsh Michigan weather. This combined with my company’s experience and reputation allows me to win back these customers' trust that their upcoming roofing work will better meet their longevity expectations.”

The company owner continued by stating that they offer a variety of different residential and commercial roofing services. This includes residential roof replacements, repairs, and leak detection & resolution. He says they are also commercial flat roofing experts and their crews who do this work have been factory-trained to install such popular roofing materials as TPO, EPDM, and Torch-Down roofing membranes. They have also become one of the Detroit area’s leaders when it comes to siding installation & repair and the installation of attic ventilation.

Miller also talked about what those that call them for roofing work can expect when working with his company. He says that in addition to their established reputation for excellence and professionalism, a customer can also expect a more personal approach when doing business with them. The company is also prepared to help their commercial or residential customers handle any roof-related insurance claims that they are pursuing. Those who would like more information on this Clinton Township roofing contractor's products or services can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found at the bottom of their website’s homepage.


For more information about Miller's Home Improvement, contact the company here:

Miller's Home Improvement
Eric Miller
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